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      Welcome to the official website of Wuxi Shengjin Machinery Co., Ltd!


      Product details

      Capability and Use

          This machine is mainly used for cutting and rolling of aluminum foll, ODPP, POF , PET, PVC. paper, and compound film and other roll type of material.

          This machine is vertical, rolling and unrolling devices are at the same side of the equipment, with independent electric control panel, up & down double shafts double shafts double work places roll. (Round blade is specially made auxliary fitting).

      Main characteristic

      Whole machine master control unit Unrolling magnetic powder brake, manual strength control Unrolling table carrier type photo-electric correction contro Rolling magnetic powder clutch, manual strength control Automatic length measuring and automatic machine stop functior Main speed has applied inverter motor The function of sending side material by wind

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      Product consultation


      Address: K3-2,88#,Qianyao Road, Wuxi City, Jiangsu, China (Next to Qinxin Garden)

      Contact: SUE Foreign Trade Manager

      Tel:+0086 15052228103

      Fax:+0086 0510 85626661