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      Welcome to the official website of Wuxi Shengjin Machinery Co., Ltd!


      Patent number:ZL 2005 2 0200277.5

      Product details

      Capability and Use

      This machine is our company according to the floor profession request.carrving on a waterproof machine of the floor that improves an empress to the original sealing wax machine.This machine is raw material is solid state wax.no any irritative odor when in sealina wax,and can reach to the requirements of environment Protecting can make wax into all slots flooring.Not only ensure waterproof.but also in favor of connecting of flooring.

      Main characteristic

      This machine made up of long side wax machine,short side wax machine,vacuum pump etc.First into long side wax machine, can seal wax for two long side.and then into short side wax machine,and also seal wax for two short side.Use vacuum pump to remove redundant wax.It is easy for unloading.High automatic,save costs and improve production effciency.

      Technical parameters:


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      Product consultation


      Address: K3-2,88#,Qianyao Road, Wuxi City, Jiangsu, China (Next to Qinxin Garden)

      Contact: SUE Foreign Trade Manager

      Tel:+0086 15052228103

      Fax:+0086 0510 85626661