Bad Debt - Needing Collection? No more talk, no more pleas, no more broken promises. We sue.

They say you can\'t collect bad debt in Texas. That Texas has too many \"protections\" for bad debtors. That Texas is a debt collection safe haven.  Not true!   If you have the target, we can put the squeeze on the bad debtor.  You can crush the turnip.

The Dallas Bad Debt Collection site is about collecting bad debts, broken leases, and bad paper. If you have been stiffed, let the Texas Attorneys and Lawyers at the Jackson Law Firm, P.C. collect your debt. This Debt Collection site is here to get you the information that you need to collect on your bad debt. We have instituted a debt collection system, that puts the squeeze on debtors. It is legal process. 

Former NFL superstar with three Super Bowl rings thought he had built his debt protection fortress - so did his lawyers. He had the family limited partnership, a spendthrift trust, LLCs all intertwined but none of it to avail.  Debtor\'s fortress came crumbling down after an onslaught was brought to bear. It took time, but with perseverance and resilience, we collected $3.8 million.

Our clients are mostly small to medium-sized businesses, investors and individuals trying to collect on bad debt, bad loans and/or judgements.  Usually, they have made every effort to collect the bad debt through letters and telephone calls to no avail.  They have contracted with \"collection agencies\" to collect but did not receive a positive result.  They then call us.  Over the past 30 years, we have helped creditors recover money for all kinds of account receivables, including money loaned. We collect on both Texas and sister state judgments.

A well-known lawyer in town, well-known for being a scumbag who did not pay his bills, stiffed his ex-wife on amounts he owed her from the divorce. After explaining to the client how much of a war this would be, and burning through two judges and three lawyers, I had him. He tried every trick and delay tactic he could think of, but I shot them all down, including forcing him into bankruptcy, and my client got paid. Note - family support is not discharged in bankruptcy and takes priority over all other claims.

Demand Letter:  Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code requires that we first send out formal demand for payment -called presentment. Oftentimes, attorney involvement will cause the debtor to pay-up at this stage without necessity of a lawsuit.  It means you are getting serious about collecting the Dallas bad debt.  They know a lawsuit is the next step.

Yes, we have heard that Texas is Judgment proof. A debtor haven and debt collection nightmare. We just did not get the message. You put the pressure on the debtor by using debt collection attorneys who file lawsuits, and you will give the deadbeat incentive to pay. This is what Dallas Debt Collection is all about.

Get on top of the Debtors to do list. Keep the pressure on. He or she will want to pay after that - just to get rid of you. We are debt collection lawyers who like staying in front of the client. Sometimes we come like a load of bricks, in other cases we give them the slow drip - drip, drip, drip, drip until they are worn out.

Yes, we know that you made calls, wrote letters, wrote nasty letters, and did everything that you could do to get the debtor to pay his bills. We know that you wanted to work it out, be fair, willing to take payments. Unfortunately, they ignored you. They are laughing at you - the creditor. Now it is time to put the debtor through the debt collection process. Now it is time to make him or feel the pain.

A prominent socialite who thought he was above the law wasn’t. He owed on a judgment and attempted to hide his primary assets in a corporation.   I put the corporation in receivership, had the receiver terminate the debtor’s services as President, and got the receiver to elect a new President. The new President then authorized my people to go onsite and take possession of the corporation’s computer and files. After the debtor went ballistic, he realized I had him. He then was able to find the money to pay my client off.

The Jackson Law Firm collects all types of debts and unpaid accounts. We help our clients in collecting money owed by delinquent invoices, delinquent accounts, unpaid promissory notes and judgments in an efficient and cost effective manner. We know how to get the debtors attention so that you get your just due.

The Longer You Wait
Debt Collection and Time

DO NOT procrastinate. DO NOT waste time. Take action to collect your unpaid debts. Idle inaction has a direct impact upon yours and our ability to collect unpaid invoices and promissory notes. The longer you wait the higher the probability that the debtor will escape without paying a dime.

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